[LUREQ] - Lunar Requisitions - Newbro/Alpha Friendly - Indy & Mining Corp


Lunar Requisitions is a small, focused corp based in Amarr space. We’re an industry-focused group that aims to help newbros get to grips with the game within a laid-back, friendly environment. Casual players are welcome, no corp activity is mandatory and members are free to play the game however they choose.

LUREQ’s main objective is to help its members build their industrial career from the ground up. Our focus is on recruiting newer players who seek a casual style of play, while still having tangible goals within the wider corp. One of our other objectives is to provide a launchpad into our NS sister-corp, once a certain level of skill and experience has been gained for those who wants to delve into Nullsec.

Our members are able to take advantage of:

★ Orca mining boosts in HS
★ Athanors for the sweet moon ores
★ Corp-owned industry infrastructure
★ Access to partnered WH corp
★ Monthly & Weekly Corp Operations
★ A friendly, helpful community that puts real-life first

We are mainly seeking miners to join our ranks; Alphas are welcome, and we have no SP requirements to join. LUREQ is still fairly small in numbers, so we’re an ideal choice for anyone looking to help contribute to the growth of the corp.

We operate primarily around the US/EU time zones, therefore we’re ideally looking for players that are active around this time.

Join us on Discord, or send a message in-game to Bruce Bogtrotta or Roodle Doodle if you think we’re the right place for you.



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Looking for a corp. full skilled orca pilot and 2 hulk pilots. Remaining toons will be doing PI along with orca pilot and hulk pilots. How active is corp in US time zone PDT as in California.

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