Intrepid Ventures. is recruiting!

Greetings Capsuleers!

Intrepid Ventures is a Mining and Industrial Corp looking for new members. We are based in Osmeden in the Placid region.

We operate across all time zones and there are no mandatory operations at any time. Our members are experienced in Mining / Gas huffing / Exploration / Industry / Abyssals and will help you develop your skills.

We are looking for Omega players with a minimum of 3 mil SP.

What we offer:

• High Sec Moon mining with a minimum of 3 moon pulls per week from our own Athanors. We always have Orca boosted mining available

• Low or no Tax Refining and Production stations

• Corporate owned facilities are zero tax for members. The only tax of any kind is on the moon Ops to fund the station fuel, or 1% when using allied production stations.

• A buy back program for Ore, Gas . Ice and PI so you don’t have to haul

• Easy access to the Dodixie or Jita trading Hub

• No CTAs

• Discord server for communications and fun

• Close to Low sec systems

• A wide range of BPC are available from members collections

We are a friendly relaxed corp where Real Life always comes first. Our objective is to create a relaxed friendly environment where our members enjoy playing the game.

If you are interested talk to our recruiters in the Intrepid Recruitment or contact
Iko Fumimasa (US Recruitment Lead)
Ankor69 (US)
Trepidis Blondenie (AUS)

We are still recruiting, chat with us and see if we are a good fit for you!

Come and join us in cracking some moon rocks today! Recruitment is open

Do you guys do anything to help someone who is new to the industry based line of Eve to learn and understand the intricacies of it? I have tried to get into industry stuff in the past and understand how blueprints and production chains and moon mining works and I can never seem to grasp it and my previous corps have never been interested in trying to break it down and explain it to me.

Fresh moon ore today. Come and join the fun !

Come find your venture today!

Looking for some rocks to crunch or ships to build? Contact me!

come on down, its a moon filled weekend and we’d love to have you!

Recruitment still open, come crack some rocks!

I am a member in another Corp in Mildly. This is a great group of people and I highly recommend them. A+

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