Looking for Work - CST US pilot, mining / industrial, high sec moon mining, shenanigan light


Same old post, long time player back around for another stint. Looking mainly for social interaction and a steady supply of high sec moon mining. I am stupid* (read inefficient) at making money and just like mining for the most part, so if you find yourself with a bunch of moon rocks every week that you cant get people to mine because theyre too busy with their ABCs, I might be your guy. Not to say I dont want the good stuff too, but I mine everything.

Who I am

  • Main pilot 110m 2006 character mainly focused in mining / refining / industrial skills

  • Currently also piloting 5 other pilots in a 6 man orca… pod I guess =D abusing lame high sec belt rocks atm.

  • Have 6 other orca pilots on ice until I build a new PC that can handle that many clients.

  • Zero interest in PVP, being 100% up front here, not my thing. Not doing it.

Who you (hopefully) are

  • A corp with an active high sec presence (dont really care where, I will move).

  • Friendly non toxic social environment.

  • Have a broad moon mining network available in high sec

  • Are either immune to war decs or if not are not getting war decced every 2 minutes.

  • Have reasonable tax rates on moon mining

If any of this is of interest to you, hit me up.


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Sup dude. o7

Here is a corp that might interest you. Facilities in HS on an island that has moon mining and easy isk making opportunities with close proximity to NS for exploration isk if you’re into that or PVP. Definitely talk to Vicki Beldrulf or Sunstar Jonni in game with an evemail if you’re interested. Tell them Milli sent you.


Yep millineon is right we have hi sec and wh space pulling quite a lot of ore daily check out our pub channel liv_pub

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