Lunar Industrial Symmetry - Returning and New Players Wanted!

Are you a new or returning player who seeks the excitement of small gang PVP? Or the riches of living in null sec spec?

Lunar Industrial Symmetry (LUNDS) might be the place for you! Our corp is reforming after a brief intermission and looking for new members’ to help us launch our new and improved organization.

LUNDS is RL friendly and centered around building a mature community of pilots who work together to achieve our shared goals. At LUNDS we don’t believe in a rich corp, we believe in rich corp members! We are in this for the long haul, those with short attention spans should not apply. We aren’t in a hurry to bring in lots of pilots! We want to recruit the right pilots.

We have bases of operations in null sec and high sec space as we build combat power, gain valuable PVP experience, and prepare our organization for our upcoming adventure.

We form regular small gang PVP fleets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during US TZ! They are focused on fun, learning, and seek out good fights. You can see our latest exploits here: LUNDS Killboard. Want to try a fleet before you try the corp? No problem, we welcome all to join us on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings! Join our Discord for more info!!

We seek members who are interested in joining our community and desire to have an active voice/role in determining our future.

Ideal candidates will be:

-Over 25 years of age (we are a couple of old guys)-US TZ based preferred (We will consider EU candidates, but are US TZ heavy. Bring a friend!)

-2.5mil SP+ (waiverable for the right pilot; we want you to be successful!)

-Omega Accounts (or a plan to get there)

-Not be worried about killboards, impatient when dealing with others, or otherwise a pain in the ass. We are RL friendly and a learning organization, not killboard ragers or elite pricks

-Interested in contributing your time, energy, and ideas to our team

Join our in-game channel ‘LunaGoo’ or send me a DM here for more information!

Check out our website at: or join our Discord: Lunar Industrial Symmetry to learn more!

To the Top!! Come Fly With Us!

Fun Kills & Good Laughs! Come Fly With Us!!

To the top! We are growing, slow, but steady and with the right people. Come see if you fit in with LUNDS.

To the top!!

Come have some fun roaming null and low sec!

To the Top!!

We are about to head out to low sec for some kills! Why not come join us?

We are shooting null sec rats, roaming low sec for lolz, and having lots of fun.

We are a perfect destination for new players and returning players! Come be part of our team.

We roam Tuesday/Thursday nights US TZ! Why not come join us? Join our Discord or In-Game ‘LunaGoo’ for more information.

Corp Ad Updated! Come check us out! Join a fleet, join the corp or do both!!

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