Lords of Discipline - Indy Wormhole Corp are Recruiting!

LOD are seeking Industrial Pilots/Corps to join them in their C4 Wormhole.

Ideally, you will have an Industrial backround however training can be provided.

LOD live and thrive in a C4 with a C3 / C4 Static and are proud founding members and the Industrial wing of “A Class Apart” alliance.

Backed and supported by a strong PVP Wing, LOD offer interested parties/capsuleers the following benefits:

  • Access to huge library of BPC’s
  • Enhanced refining/manufacturing/research facilities
  • Boosted Mining Fleets
  • PI Planets with superb yields
  • Low Tax Rates
  • Athanors for quality minerals and moon goo
  • Unlimited PVE opportunities via statics
  • Extrememly knowledgeable and laid-back folk
  • TS
  • Pathfinder/Tripwire
  • Alliance Website
  • No TZ Exclusion
  • Much Much More…

In the first instance, drop into our recruitment channel “LOD-RECRUITMENT CHAT” …or contact Grimweed Bubblepot or WaffleStomper Amelana in game…and see where LOD can take you or your corporation.

Up We Go :slight_smile:

Best corp ever, thoroughly recommend, great guys and great fleet ops. A proper close knit group who are very welcoming.

I am interested in this. I am sure I could be of use.

What tz you mostly play ?

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