Jump gates causing client to freeze


I’ve tried going through gates in the Irjunen area (Irjunen to Ikao, Ikao to Irjunen and Ikao to Waskisen) with different characters, and in every instance approaching a gate causes the client to freeze. Upon restarting I’m obviously auto-warping back to the last gate I was trying to jump through which causes the client to freeze again.


The gate is not the only thing.

I spend a lot of time in the CCP Keepstar in M-OEE8 and need to dock and undock and after several docking and undocking procedures, the client starts to load resources (the circle thing on the buttom left of the neocom) and after a while the client freezes up and doesn’t respond to anything.
Now I have to force quit the client and restart the launcher, which also freezes in a weird place.

This is going on since the beginning of the mirror.

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