Anyone else with connection problems?

Hi All,

I’m finding each and every session change is being rediculously slow and often dissconnecting. Is anyone else having the same issue on each session change?

Can’t confirm!

I found a few old threads of people with similar issues, but no solution. I’d suggest filing a support ticket. In the meantime, you can try general troubleshooting steps (i.e. Clear the Cache Folder, Memory Test, Hard Drive Test, and Reinstall Eve). Also, I have noticed a large uptick in people DC’ing in the last week, and I had once instance of getting stuck in a gate transition. So, it’s possible it could be on CCP’s end. That being said, your problems seem noticeably worse than what other people have been experiencing. So, IDK.

Regardless, please come back and tell us how you resolved this issue. Might help the next guy with the same problem.

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Yes, frequently. Freeze and DC.

Really haven’t had a DC problem, but the number of times the game stuttered or froze (up to 20 seconds) is disconcerting. Frequently with scene change, perhaps the most when using warp and acceleration gates.
Noticed that when acceration gates caused the freeze, animation would restart in new area with my ship madly spinning like a drill bit.

Haven’t lost a ship…yet.

i just got this error

Bad gateway
The web server reported a bad gateway error.

Ray ID: xxxxxxxx
Your IP address: xxxxxx
Error reference number: 502
Cloudflare Location: Brussels
An unexpected error occurred, please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact customer support.

Go to

Please submit a support ticket to Customer Support and make sure to state your RL location, what ISP your are connecting through, what kind of network (wired vs wireless, ADSL vs fiber).

Please send a traceroute from your local computer to and a SpeedTest to a nearby location with the ticket.

Customer Support may be able to spot a pattern and figure out what ISP might having problems.

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