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Hello community!

I’m writing a program (Perl). In order to complete an accurate output I need to calculate the routes. (ESI is to slow for this many routes.) So I wrote it myself. My Breadth first algorithm seems to work as it should, but the “All routes / ignore security status” differ up to 5 jumps from EVE. Furthermore I’m using these information for heuristic for the A* algorithm. But I’m not sure how do I say, if I prefer 0.5 to 1.0 systems or 0.0 to 0.4 systems - I do this by multiplying the not preferred by 20 for heuristic, but my results differ often more than 50 %. How do I exactly say (e.g.) “prefer high sec, but low sec is not impassible, just hard to pass”?

I’m also good with good search patterns for the forum, “jumps calculator” wasn’t very successful… ^^’



You might want to post, or move your post to this subforum. You will get more people who actually do coding for third part apps



Thanks, but I found no move possibility. I just copied the post and (try to) delete the old one now.

Would https://evemaps.dotlan.net/jump deliver what your trying to achieve?

The tool itself doesn’t. I knew it already. If they offer their way for calculation, this might be helpful. ^^’

Are you looking at the length of time it takes?

It looks like it draws a lot of data from the game already;
Route between Jita and Amarr ; Safe (skip Niarja) for example;

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