Just got found cloakede by a bot or hacker what to do?


Was cloaked and a bot or hacker flies straight to me and kills me, didnt relaise this is possible, smd258, where do i report?


They most likely used a mobile observatory to decloak you and find you.

Lol bots dont hunt ppl.

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I was cloaked before he arrived 50k from a planet…?

didint know bots cant hunt ppl ty

I asked him how…2 mins later hes logged…

The player most likely decloaked you with a mobile observatory and then found your decloaked ship with combat probes.

I can imagine you did not realise that is possible as mobile observatories are pretty new and it is not very common to see those deployable used as they’re about 45 million ISK and not reusable.

Next time when you’re cloaked in null sec or low sec space, don’t go AFK for too long.


Don’t go afk at all.

And back to the OP, probably a mobile observatory + combat probes.

EvE is full of mistakes. Some are more expensive than others.

The question is, are going to learn from it or whine about it on the threads?


The other possibility is he saw you cloak up, possibly he was cloaked on grid already when you arrived. In that case he knows your location and can burn towards you to decloak you.


If you sit still at the default warpin-ranges (0, 10, 20. 30, 50, 70, 100km) of a celestial this can happen due to bad luck or the people seeing you warp there, then following and just guessing your warp-range.
Source: I caught people that way.

The easy solution is to use safe spots instead of planets.


This is also true.

I once was sitting in a cloaked Helios at 70km from the sun in some system. Suddenly a Hecate lands just 2.5km away from me as he warped to the sun from the same gate, at the same range as I did. He had no idea I was there, but he definitely scared me!

Do not sit still at a warpin spot after landing, especially not when you land at 0 but also not if you land at range. Land, doubleclick and keep moving!


True, movement can save your cloak. You can orbit at range (e.g. when surveilling a wormhole), or just doubleclick to a random point in space. I recommend a spot beneath or above your ship, because in most cases signatures, celestials, and bookmarks are more or less in one flat layer in the solar system. This way it is very unlikely to be discovered by accident.

Also you could even have a deep safe compromised by accident. I think this can happen because of a combination of warp speed and server ticks there are only so many places in certain straight lines between celestials that a ship can land.

For example (at book marks I never shared):

-I warped to a deep safe and found a can there from someone else.

-i logged in a character in a safe I hadn’t logged in on for months and there was a citadel now anchored at my safe!

Another reason could be spies. I never have my eyes in fleets because there are people that will either intentionally or accidentally warp to them. If they come cloaked and you don’t notice then now they can share your safe with the hostiles.

Any safe that I let someone even a corp mate warp to I will tag as such so I know it isn’t truly safe anymore. So then I’ll continue sharing with the Corp if needed but know it could be compromised if I’m alone. Any safe that I find reason to believe an enemy has I’ll mark as such as well. I don’t delete them as then I might make a new one too close to it. So basically I don’t use my “private” safes unless I’m not in fleet. If I want to use one I’ll leave fleet prior so to reduce the risk of a corp mate warping to me.

Yes, this is correct. This is how players are able to smartbomb shuttles & pods that are in the middle of warp.

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