Just think about it

If people being accused of [insert accusation here] for [insert amount of time] were still around, it might be because they weren’t doing whatever it was they were being accused of.

Makes you think don’t it? :joy:

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I still think politicians are corrupt.

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I’m trying to figure out your comment. So I’m using the above example to make sense of it.

To answer your question, yes, it sure does.

Is this a reference to that meltdown/I’m quiting-and-it-is-all-lies-down-to-the-bottom thread by wots-his-face yesterday in general discussion? I have no idea what he was on about but it was entertaining.

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Nah just a reference to every nub thinking some people imput broadcast/bot etc

Bill Cosby?
Oh wait…

Agreed. Though I still wonder if the winner eventually got the stuff that was announced he/she will get… or if it was just a deception all along and the winner was an alt or associate to begin with. :thinking:

Either way we all know this meme exists for a reason…


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