Just Us League is now recruiting

Just Us League is now recruiting! Members of No Visual. Alliance, part of the Winter Coalition. Our corp is primarily USTZ, however the alliance has US, EU, and AU members. Null sec lifestyle close to Jita, and that sweet PvE loot. Prefer mining? We have fully upgraded systems full of moon and belt ore. Great PI for those interested in the lazy isk printing method!

Would love to recruit some more miners/indy players!

Hot unwed single mothers with questionable morals will be given special consideration!

What we offer - Fully upgraded systems for ratting or mining. FC’s and steady content for home defense fleets. Coalition has pvp fleets regularly. Ore, PI, and Moon ore buyback program from our alliance.

What we expect - Omega account, working microphone and willingness to participate in coalition fleets at least once a month. Be on comms, we love chatting and just shooting the ■■■■ while gaming, join us! 10 million SP and up. If you cant fly a ratting/mining ship, you won’t have much to do out here

Join our in game channel JUL Pub for more info, or mail Kidore Dredge in game. Fly it like you stole it!