Just wanna chill with low taxes - we're open for new members so come join!

Paloma Maken Corporation is a small corp with the sole purpose of hanging out while playing.

Low tax (3,4%) - Some of the profit after office rent will be shared with contributing members through the Loyalty and Contribution Reward.

Conditions for Loyalty and Contribution Reward:

To recieve the reward you must have been a member of the corporation for 30 days or more. Furthermore you must have contributed to the corporation through taxes on either pirate bounties or mission related rewards within the last 30 days.

The amount paid out to members will be different from time to time.

Everyone is welcome regardless of experience and play-time - and you are NOT required to do missions or bounties to be a member.

Nothing too serious - really just for the social part of it. Come hang :slight_smile:

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