JXA Crimson Armed Services Now Recruiting for PVP

Who’s interested in PvP within the corp. So without further ado let’s begin!

1.) Are you interested in PvP?

  • If your answer is no, then you don’t really have to answer the rest but you can always change your mind later and join us.

2.) What timezone are you in?

3.) Do you have any prior PvP experience?

4.) What kind PvP are you interested in the most?

  • Examples include, roaming, gatecamps, homedefence, solo and everything that involves you trying to kick another players ass.

5.) Is there any specific role in PvP that interests you the most?

  • For instance being a forward scout, logi, DPS, tackler, electronic warfare (damps, neuts, jams etc.)

6.) Do you have a working microphone?

  • It’s not necessary to have one depending on your role.

7.) Anything you’d like to Add? please join our recruitement channel - JXA Public -

JXA Public

Hope to talk with one of you

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