JXA Crimson Armed Services Now Recruiting for PVP

A new PvP division of JXA Mining and Industry.

We’re mostly working in the UZ TZ but we do have an EU presence as well.

Basic Requirements

  • 7.500.000 SP
  • Discord and a working mic.
  • Inexperienced pilots are encouraged to apply as well as experienced pilots looking for a new home.
  • What timezone are you in?
  • Is there any specific role in PvP that interests you the most?

What we offer

  • A good location in NPC null
  • SRP Available
  • Ample opportunities for ISK making when you’re not PvP’ing.
  • A chance to leave your mark on a brand new corporation.

Join JXA Crimson Recruitement now and get started!

Still looking for pilots. Hit us up and come join the hunt!

Still looking

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