JXA Mining & Industry - Null Sec Industrial Corporation

Welcome to JXA Mining and Industry!

We are a new corporation with a very experienced leadership team, We are looking for members who are active and share the same goals as the corporation.

New Recruits

  • Should possess a minimum of Two (2) million Skill Points.
  • Should have a decent understanding of game mechanics including Navigation, Mining, and Ship Fitting.
  • Should be actively engaged in corp operations.

Optional but desired:

  • Use of Industrial Capitals (Orca; Rorqual)
  • One or more Alts
  • Use of Barges (Retriever, Covetor, Procurer) and Exhumers (Hulk, Mackinaw, Skiff)

What we offer:

  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Ore & Loot Buy Back Program
  • Experienced Members
  • Good Industry Team
  • Access To Mission Agents
  • Access To Athanor

Recruitment Status: ACTIVE
Recruitment Contacts: John D Ellis - x Athena - Arri Brit
Join JXA Public for a casual interview**

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Highly active corp inactives are removed periodically every month.

70 million SP between 3 accounts. Playing off and on since 2008. Just got back in the game from my last break 2 weeks ago. Currently in a Corp that’s going nowhere. I’m down with chilling in highsec for awhile as I work on purchasing a Jump Freighter. I have a buddy that also runs 3 account mining that said where I go he goes.

35mill subcap pure Gallente combat/Orca
25mill mining/industry/freighter/jump freighter/DST/BR.
12mill mining/industry.

Hit me up with a mail or in game convo and let’s talk specifics.

  • Potanski

We are active 7 days a week US, EU & AUS Timezones.

Come share a common goal now in Null Sec.

Active members with no 1 day rookies

Still recruiting industrial pilots and PVE

All ore types & lots of ice to choose from apply today :slight_smile:

Daily Mining OPs with active members

NS corp plenty of ore and ice and lots to build :slight_smile:

We are still looking for like minded skilled pilots to team up with.

Ingame channel: JXA Public

Update: Buy back program is extended to salvage and PI :boom:

Low SP requirement, only 2 M SP.
Come have a chat with us.

Active Industrial corp quickly reaching its goals,

Everything a industrial pilot needs