JXA Mining & Industry - Null Sec Industrial Corporation

Welcome to JXA Mining and Industry!

We are a new corporation with a very experienced leadership team, We are looking for members who are active and share the same goals as the corporation.

New Recruits

  • Should possess a minimum of Two (2) million Skill Points.
  • Should have a decent understanding of game mechanics including Navigation, Mining, and Ship Fitting.
  • Should be actively engaged in corp operations.

Optional but desired:

  • Use of Industrial Capitals (Orca; Rorqual)
  • One or more Alts
  • Use of Barges (Retriever, Covetor, Procurer) and Exhumers (Hulk, Mackinaw, Skiff)

What we offer:

  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Ore & Loot Buy Back Program
  • Experienced Members
  • Good Industry Team
  • Access To Mission Agents
  • Access To Athanor

Recruitment Status: ACTIVE
Recruitment Contacts: John D Ellis - x Athena - Arri Brit
Join JXA Public for a casual interview**

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Highly active corp inactives are removed periodically every month.

70 million SP between 3 accounts. Playing off and on since 2008. Just got back in the game from my last break 2 weeks ago. Currently in a Corp that’s going nowhere. I’m down with chilling in highsec for awhile as I work on purchasing a Jump Freighter. I have a buddy that also runs 3 account mining that said where I go he goes.

35mill subcap pure Gallente combat/Orca
25mill mining/industry/freighter/jump freighter/DST/BR.
12mill mining/industry.

Hit me up with a mail or in game convo and let’s talk specifics.

  • Potanski

We are active 7 days a week US, EU & AUS Timezones.

Come share a common goal now in Null Sec.

Active members with no 1 day rookies

Still recruiting industrial pilots and PVE

All ore types & lots of ice to choose from apply today :slight_smile:

Daily Mining OPs with active members

NS corp plenty of ore and ice and lots to build :slight_smile:

Active Industrial corp quickly reaching its goals,

Everything a industrial pilot needs

Finished work come home want to chill and hang out with no stress and do some industrial with some banter then we might be the corp for you.

concerned about the ORE changes? we dont have any :wink:

Come join us in the belts! Low requirements

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Great ore and ice only a 2 million SP requirement. Real Life comes first

Lots of mining opps. Good place to come relax and mine at.

Have 2 Mill SP always wanted to try out Null Sec ? come learn the life of 0.0 with us.

Interested in getting into mining and industry or already have lots of experience? Well come mine with us!

Active null sec industry corporation. Come join us in the belts!