Kakistocracy Is now Seeking Members & Corps Of All Types & All Age/Players Welcome Here!

We are a contract only based Mercenary Corp/Alliance!

We are seeking members for both Corporation & the Alliance,
The type of members we are looking for are!

PvP’ers that like to kill,
PvP’ers that like to bash,
PvP’ers that like to FC time to time!
Indy, Builders, Orca booster, Haulers,
Run missions to make isk when at down time
Understanding of when down time is (NO WARS)
Willing to help the Corporation & Alliance “IF” needed,
Willing to grow with the Corporation/Alliance. (understanding)
Willing to take on ops with us & replying to all mails sent out!

We offer great FC,
We hold 5 systems (high-sec)
We offer pay out for bashing!
We let you keep all loot from PvP kills,
We are working on taking more space!
We do help replace your lost ships. (under our rules)
We understand RL comes 1st! Just keep us up to date, (WE CARE!!)
Have fun with the game & know that your FAMILY HERE not just a number!
Best of all when we take on a contract, It becomes our business to make sure you get paid for each kill from each contract!

You have a alt corp? You want to place pocos? You want to make pass of income?
Then join us & help us take down pocos & place yours up & start making isk!
Is your alt corp indy? Need a part of space to call home? Let us help we hold space!

For more info please contact me in game,
Best way to get into the Alliance or my corp is to apply, Tell us a bit about yourself,

It’s best to send me a in game mail,

Or you can find us/me there!
In Game Chat Room!
Kakistocracy Mercenary Recruitment.

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Bumper her up brother, :slight_smile:

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