Kappa Syndicate Recruiting - USTZ Null Sec

Originally formed in 2007 as an ALT corp, Kappa Syndicate is now looking to expand into something more. We are mostly mining/industrial focused but also looking for combat pilots. We are currently located in south east Null Sec, primarily looking for USTZ members but other time zones may be accepted as well.

What We offer:
• Weekly mining ops.
• Regular PVP opportunities.
• Access to alliance Null Sec mining/ratting.
• Monthly corp-funded PVP tournaments with prizes.
• Ship Loan Program.

Join requirements
• Discord and mic required.
• 3 million SP minimum (alts accepted).
• A basic understanding of game mechanics.
• Members will be expected to maintain a minimum level of activity.
• There is a 30 day probation period for new members – new members will have restricted access and be partially ineligible for certain corp benefits. After 30 days full membership roles will be granted.

Message Quartsz or Drun3nBadg3r in game or in our Discord to apply, applications will not be accepted without speaking to a director first.