Karelia Solutions - Hi-Sec Corporation for New and returning players!

Karelia Solutions recruits mainly from EU but all are welcome!
We are looking for:

-EU players but any timezone can apply
-No SP requirements
-New and returning players of any career.

We offer:
-Fun, casual and helpful atmosphere
-Support for new players
-Fleet missions
-Situational PVP
-Help for Planetary Industry
-Caldari Highsec mining operations and Mission Running
-Good Finnish drinking company
-Really light roleplaying

Karelia Solutions is the answer for your PVE and Hi-Sec Mining, Mission running and Trading needs as well as some action for starting PVP players. Mission helpers are almost always available! We are looking towards to expand and for that we need you!

Apply now in game or contact one of our recruiters in in-game chat.

Beast Tanner
L-viz King
Mutru Aivo

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