Kassa Stellar Dynamics - High-sec PVE\Industry\Mining

(Uriel Rotineque) #1

We are industrial corp fitted for mining, manufacturing, trade and mission running and we are operating primarily in High-sec, Gallente space. Our main goal is having fun and supporting each other in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Some of our Corp members are very active and dedicated players and some are casual, we welcome both old and new players, Alphas and Omegas and all gaming styles. We’ll help new players get into a capable combat, logistics, mining or support ship. Whatever playstyle suits you, we’ll help you get there. Most of our members are from US and EU timezones with few exceptions.

What we offer:

:white_check_mark: Orca supported Ice and Ore Mining Ops
:white_check_mark: Salvager supported Level 4 Mission Running with loot sale share
:white_check_mark: Proximity to Market Hub
:white_check_mark: Our own website, forum, Teamspeak and Discord
:white_check_mark: More information in our EVE forum section

About us: We are 15 year old gaming community known as UFPlanets and you can find more information on our website UFPlanets.com.

If you have any question please feel free to get in touch with me via in-game mail, convo or drop by KSDYN Public.

(Uriel Rotineque) #2

Recruitment is still open.

(Xiao Liang) #3

This group looks interesting. So you’re willing to help a new Alpha account get into the mining and industrial side of the game?

(Uriel Rotineque) #4

Our community is always glad to help whether it’s mining, industrial or pew pew side of the game. We’re just a friendly bunch looking for like minded people.