Keep POSs in Game

-Remove their powergrid and CPU

-Replace their shields with a tether range of half of the POSs shield radius

-Leave their strontium bay and capacity bay- they must be burning fuel for their tether to work and stront to be reinforced

-Leave POS modules in the game. they can be anchored anywhere, and remove all of their functions except anchorability, volume, and anchor times. They basically become a collectible to be spammed at stargates, asteroid belts, and Jita 4-4 with random messages or Russian/Chinese Requirements

-POSs will now only be used as a day tripper’s safe space and FOBs

We have mobile depots. We don’t need more spam.

POS represent “legacy code” expensive to maintain as the game evolves. Any residual functionality can be replaced by FLEX structures using the new codebase.

CCP could have simply rewritten the POS code to bring it up to date but they decided to give us Upwell structures instead.

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