Kenshin Ronin. Wants YOU for Angel Pirate Faction Warfare

Kenshin Ronin. corp is a brand new fast growing and action packed Angel Faction Warfare team!

We are looking for dedicated individuals and groups from all timezones to join our Corporation.

We are enlisted in Angel Pirare Faction Warfare which is very fun and profitable.

- New Player Friendly
- No Minimum SP
- Alpha’s Welcome
- Active PVP In All Timezones
- All Training And Support Provided
- Corp LP Buyback Program
- Corp Logistics Chain For Easy Suppy
- Veterans Welcome

We have a low sec staging system, and a pirate lawless staging system Zarzakh.
We operate in Heimatar, The Bleak Lands, Devoid and Metropolis regions.

Our main activities include PVP, PVE, Faction Warfare and Piracy.

In-Game Chat Channel: Kenshin.
Our Discord: Kenshin Shogunate.

Our goal is to be a small tight-knit corporation that packs a punch, has activity and leadership in all timezones and continues grow and set new records, while gaining reputation for our combat prowess. We aim to be the best corp in pirate faction warfare, but we need your help to achieve this.

Our initial membership goal was to reach 100 chars in the team, our second goal is to reach 300, then 500 members. The sky is the limit. We look to create a friendly, comfortable and supportive community of players that work together in teams.

We ask that members are active on discord, try to get at least 5 kills per month, and join as many fleets as possible. We understand that real life comes first, we only ask that members make us aware when they are going to be away for long periods of time.

Another goal we have is to be in the top 10 pvp corps in Angel Cartel
Our primary focus will always remain Angel Pirate Faction Warfare!

We have fleet doctrines and ships to suit players of all experiences.

We look forward to flying with you <3

Join our discord and chat to a recruiter today!

Recruitment OPEN!

Recruitment OPEN!



Hi, you invited me yestarday to join. The process is complete.

Thank you