Kentucky BBQ USTZ Nullsec PVP corp

Beer, BBQ, and breaking free of Null Blocs

We are Kentucky BBQ, a newly formed small-gang nullsec pvp corp. We’ve been moving around nullsec, going to wherever the content takes us. We are currently members of Deepwater Hooligans, living in Vale of the Silent.

What we offer:

  • No Blues, No NIPs
    • We don’t blue, and we don’t negotiate nips. We run around eve looking for fun fights, even if it means fighting outnumbered.
  • Experienced pilots
    • Many of our pilots have been playing for years and most of us together. We’ll help you scratch the rust off and get right back into the heat of things.
  • Small fleet engagements
    • We engage in small fights, think 20v20, against our neighbors. Forcing fights by either toasting their sov, or hitting their structures.
  • Capital engagements
    • Like using your capitals? We do too. We don’t shy away from capital engagements, taking advantage of opportunities to put them to use.
  • Easy logistics
    • Our current staging is fairly close to Jita, making moving assets in and out extremely easy. Either take advantage of our JFs, or move it yourself in a DST.

What we are looking for:

  • People active in USTZ and AUTZ. We don’t expect anyone to be on 24/7, but we do expect you to be around for a few hours every week, and to not be a stranger.
  • Self sufficient ISK wise. We can help you get setup, but we expect you to be able to generate isk on your own.
  • Experience pvping. We don’t expect you to be the best player out there, but we expect everyone in our corp to be able to fly their own ship, and not rely on a FC to make decisions for them.
  • Ability to fly a suitcase capital.
  • 30m+ Skill points. To make up for our numbers we fly high sp doctrines, and expect everyone to be a capable pilot on their own, this shows you’ve at-least been around the block a few and aren’t totally new to the game.

If you’re interested:
Join “PORKD” in-game, or join our Discord!

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Join our discord or “PORKD” in-game to talk to a recruiter today!

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