Keybinds unreliable due to fleet window behaviour


I want to align towards the broadcasted gate.

  1. I click my fleet window, select ‘broadcast history’ to show up.
  2. I now see the broadcasted align target.
  3. I press ‘a’ on my keyboard in order to align to my next clicked object, and
  4. I now intend to click on the broadcasted align target
  5. I realise my fleet window now looks like this:


… why?

Yes, the fleet window was still the active window and thinks that I want to select another history setting when I press keys, rather than understanding that when I press keys I want to give my ship commands and not have the history selection screen cover most of my fleet broadcasts.


Keybinds are unreliable, because some windows use their own (much less relevant) keybinds.

Please disable this behaviour, or at least allow us to turn the other uses of keybinds off. This ‘start typing in the searchbar’ feature for the fleet window is actively sabotaging my gameplay.

Similar issue

The ‘locations in system’ tab has a similar issue, in that it disables keybinds when the window is active.

The locations in system tab makes it impossible to give my ship warp and/or align commands with keybinds when I have a bookmark selected, even though the most common interaction with a bookmark is to align or warp to it.

There are other windows where keybinds have specific purposes for the scope of that window, like the directional scanner and probe window. For those windows the keybinds aren’t a simple ‘search feature’ and do have a gameplay purpose. So perhaps simply turning off all window-related keybinds in general may have unwanted consequences.

But for the fleet and location window, I’d love if you simply allowed me to turn the behaviour off, so I can warp and align to broadcasted and bookmarked locations using keybinds.

I would really appreciate it if you could fix that.


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