Photon UI Inactive & Active Window Question

Hi all,

Firstly, for some background on my settings:

Enable Window Blue = Off

Transparency = Off

Light Mode Transparency = Off

Theme = Carbon

I’m looking for a way to make all windows appear the same, namely, chat channels.

As you can see from my upload, Local is a solid colour and this is what I’m after.

The fleet window, being the active window, however, displays differently.

Is there any known way to make the windows appear as Local does?

Thank you!

Don’t click in the fleet chat, then it looks just like the Local chat because both are not focused.
Fleet is active/focused, that is why it shows the 3 distinct content areas in different hues. That’s by design, and still worse than what the old UI had to make it easy to recognize what is active and what not.

So, basically there is no way to alter the settings at the moment?

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