Khorne. is Recruiting! Brand New C6-C5 Wormhole PVP Corp!

Khorne is now recruiting!

Khorne. is a brand new wormhole PVP corp based out of a C6-C5 vanilla wormhole. We have a laid back attitude, and our corp is focused around small gang/small fleet sized wormhole PVP. We are looking for players who are interested in living in top tier wormhole space and wanting to help grow a group and help meet its goals.

About Us:

We have no hard blues, if we come across a corp we will most likely shoot
We use pathfinder for mapping
USTZ primarily, looking to grow in EU and AU though
Brand new corp, so we are looking for content creators, leaders, and overall chill dudes and dudettes

Killboard (we are brand new so there is pretty much nothing on there):

What we offer:

Daily PVP
Filament yeeting
Ganks and roams
Help setting up farmholes in wormhole space
Access to C6 sites in home along with C5 and lower class sites down chain
Good PI with half decent planets
Willingness to teach new members wormhole mechanics

What we don’t offer:

Organized PVE (we are not a PVE corp, it’s up to you to make your own isk, but we help provide the tools needed)
SRP (no poors)

What we require:

Headset with decent mic
IQ higher than 40
Fluent English
18+ or equivalent maturity

Must be able to fly:

Triglavian Battleships or Triglavian Battlecruisers with T2 gun
Bargest or DNI with decent shield and missile skills
Something Cloaky
Scanner or Tackle ON AN ALT
(if you are interested and are missing some of these ships/skills please still contact us, exceptions and training plans can be made! Please note that if you have these skills it does not guarantee that you will get into corp!)

What is encouraged:

Capital ship skills/alts
Being half decent at the game
Income source (duh)
Multiple omega accounts
Logi V and able to fly Zarm’s, Scimi’s, or Basi’s
FC experience
Good and efficient at scanning/looking for content

If you are interested in joining or have any questions/diplomatic inquiries please join this discord: or join “Khorne. Public” and ask for a recruiter!

Fly dangerous O7






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