Kittens and Friends is recruiting!

So a brief about us…

We’re primarily aimed at new players, but have been taking in older players as well and are currently based in Caldari space with the goal of moving into lowsec.

We want to have a fun and positive environment and emphasize group activities together. We’re still very young and building up, and already have ships available for new players when needed. Our only requirement is that you be a good person and keep your security status up. So if you’re looking for a corp that wants to be full of nice people who like cats, then maybe this is the corp for you!

Current Activities:

  • Group mining and missions.

  • Tech 1 Industry and rookie ship production.

  • In-house courier contracts.

Feel free to dm me in game.

( ^…^)ノ( ^…^)ノ( ^…^)ノ( ^…^)ノ( ^…^)ノ

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