Kittens and Friends

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Kittens and Friends - Join Kittens and Friends!

Current goals:

  • Move to lowsec and moon mining.

What we offer:

  • A positive environment.
  • Young and growing corp.
  • Small-gang pvp and group mining.
  • Industry and ship building.
  • In-house courier contracts,
  • New-player friendly.
  • Probably not robots.


  • FC experience.
  • PvP experience.
  • Advanced industry experience.

Channel: Kittens and Friends

( ^…^)ノ( ^…^)ノ( ^…^)ノ( ^…^)ノ( ^…^)ノ

Let’s have a chat. Might be able to help you with the “current goals”. Same in-game name. I see you have your corp.

About us.

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