"We’ll salvage your wrecks, but we want to salvage your wreck."

Mass Salvage is a startup corporation, part of an established, null-sec, sovereignty holding Alliance, looking for pilots to PvP with.

We are interested in small gang and fleet PvP and some PvE activities to pay for our toys. We will take veteran and new players alike. If you want to learn the training will be there, if you want to teach you can find a home along side me.

Our Alliance mates are experienced Eve players and good Fleet Commanders. Everyone is fun to hang out with and play Eve. We hold a constellation sovereign, we are friends with FI.RE coalition, and blue to Test. We roam, run strategic operations, black ops, coalition ops, and training fleets.

We have the full gambit of PvE activities available: ratting, exploring (some of the best in the game), mining, etc. If you are into industry our growing alliance always has lots of needs/wants, so you can definitely find a niche. Mass Salvage does a lot of work with ship rigs for market as one PVE activity.

We have a corp moon (R16), so if you want to shoot some rocks between roams or run some reactions that is available. There are other moons in Alliance and plenty of other mining ops available in our upgraded systems.

You can contact me in game: Snafu Morgain

You can find us in game on our public channel: Salvage Cr3w

or on Discord: https://discord.gg/BXgsSYs

Remember, We’ll salvage your wrecks, but we want to salvage your wreck.

Still looking for pilots to join our operation. Our moon ops have a nice income going for our ships and we have plenty of stuff to shoot at.

We are still recruiting. Looking for a few pilots to add to our fleets this weekend.

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