MASS Salvage - Play EvE the way you want!

"We’ll salvage your wrecks, but we want to salvage your wreck."

Play Eve how you want to play. No demanding requirements.

Join us for small gang oriented fleet PvP. All skill levels and experience are welcome.
Fulfull your industrial inclinations. Great sovereign null space to harvest and build. Moons and engineering facilities. Make great ISK. Null-sec ratting and exploration. Get Rich!

MASS Salvage may be for you. Our main time frames are late night mountain and pacific times but we play all kinds of hours.

North American based, “seasoned” leadership focused on western time zones. English.
High levels of activity (daily) at the corporation and Alliance level.
Experienced Fleet Commandeers.
Various corp programs and initiatives to enrich your gameplay.

Build something special, Join!

Apply to join at

Contact Snafu Morgain or Master leeho sumtingwong for more information.

Join our in game Public channel for more information: Salvage Cr3w

Find us on Discord at:

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