Save your soul, Give up TIDI, play how you want

MASS Salvage is a small group of USTZ players looking to build our ranks in Gallente low-sec. Plenty of Sov-Null experience, but we choose to be in the center of New Eden. We foremost want to build a group of players who play in our time-zone.

We have limitless PvP opportunities. Regular nano and small gang action nearby, very close to faction warfare areas, and Syndicate is not far.

Fly cheap (Cruisers and below) for casual PvP fun, use those specialized PvP ships to defend our friends and destroy roamers , and fleet up on Alliance ops in doctrine Battleships for strat-ops.

  • Variety of activities. We do most everything at various times. PvP is the preference but sometimes we just let the fight come to us.
  • Close to everything, seriously. Dodixie is less than 10 jumps and the others under 20.
  • Access to moons R64, R32, and corp owned R16’s. Need to make some ISK? mine a session with us.
  • We have some industrial inclinations (build with us!) but scheduled PvP is what we aim for.
  • No difficult requirements. Old and New welcome alike.
  • All TZ’s welcome. Corp is mainly western US but alliance has many EU folks too.

“We’ll salvage your wrecks, but we want to salvage your wreck.”


Apply to join:

We’ve got a couple roams going out this weekend including a NPSI one on Saturday afternoon/evening (USTZ). Its not too late to hang out with us whether you are interested in our corp or not.

We are still here. Willing and able to help people learn and grow. Stop by:

We have cookies in the oven. Nom Nom.

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