Munitions & Salvage looking for more pilots [USTZ] [Sov-null]

Howdy, we are a small supportive group of friends who like to pursue our industrial inclinations and work on our wallets. We live in Null and have an industrial center to build our own toys. We are designed as an IRL first organization.

We are part of an awesome non-toxic sovereign holding alliance in null-sec. We are USTZ mainly as a corp but we play all kinds of times. We plug into an Alliance with many EU players so there is activity and comms 24/7.

We offer you a home to hang out with us and our alliance mates, doing whatever suits you. There is all varieties of ISK making (moons, DED, Explo, Rats, got it all) and PvP content is frequent.

We all enjoy the PvP, and jump on when the opportunity arises. It’ll be there if you participate and we would love to recruit some folks so we can create a campaign or two. Crab when you can and jump on the pew pew opportunities. We are not elite but here are the killboards to demonstrate activity.

Things we offer:

Competent leadership
Corp HQ engineering facility
War dec and war-dec free option (has full access to sov)
Alliance and Coalition SRP
Respectful fun environment
PvP ops from home defense, roaming, fleet battles, and cap hunting.
Newbie friendly (Not specifically a learning corp but you are welcome if you are fun)
Play how you want
USTZ mainly

You can apply in-game to either corporation. MASS Salvage for war-dec free operations. MASS Munitions for dedicated null-sec living.

You are welcome to join our Discord: MASS Munitions & Salvage
Shout out an in-game name when you stop by.

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10/10 good dudes

Sounds Fun, Would love to Join your corp! I’ currently an alpha wanting to learn more about the game.

Great guys. Having a lot of fun. Alliance is massive and active. Nightly fleets. Secure space with an active intel channel.

Still recruiting

We are still recruiting. Just need a few industrial dudes that like to pew and i’m turning on the corp owned Invention and the Reactor. We have those services available via Alliance, but its fun to have our own at super low cost for our pilots.

Have a few indy ops coming up would love some more friends to join us.

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