Munitions & Salvage on campaign (USTZ)

Howdy folks,

MASS Munitions and MASS Salvage have achieved a lot over the last six months as members of our outstanding alliance The Rogue Consortium. We’ve built and setup a very well equipped industrial cluster to fulfill all your industrial inclinations including moon mining, reactions, invention, research, and T2 Production. You can crab to your hearts content based out of our corporate setup or any of the many alliance structures and systems all with a simple and easy to use voluntary corp buyback. Make ISK however you want, the tools have been provided.

With that behind us things are heating up in the south and we are getting ever more fights and opportunities for PvP. We could use pilots of all types. From your hero tackle all the way up to capital pilots you will find PvP content as part of our ongoing campaigns with the Rogue Consortium.

We have lots of jobs that need eager people to fill so we can continue to grow our organization.

Come have a chat with us on Discord: MASS Munitions & Salvage

Check out or killboards for examples of our activity.

If you are looking for a home run by thoughtful people that honor you IRL commitments we may be a good fit for you. If you are interested in growing with a small group inside of an established alliance we have laid the foundations for a bright EvE career for you. We have war-dec and war-dec free options too.


We’ve been busy and have not been spending time recruiting but we are still here. Fighting the good fights in null-sec and crabbing in safety. Recent action, check it out:

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