War is over, Start anew [USTZ]

You ready to play EvE your way? I do, always.

MASS Salvage and MASS Munitions are looking for a few pilots to join our industrial endeavor in null-sec.

We have an engineering facility set up ready to go and we are part of the most free and fun Alliance and Coalition.

We are looking for pilots that want to do some industrial work, mining, ratting, what have you, but have fun fleeting up to defend our space. If you want to do more PvP while continuing to make ISK you’d be welcome with us. Alliance and Coalition ops range from simple fun roams, to home defense, ESS protection, to Capital hunting, BLOPS, and full fleet battles. Now that the war is winding down there will be many fights to be had and we need some new energy to join us and defend our space.

We are a mature group with seasoned leadership and we can offer a war dec free option, corp buyback, alliance and coalition srp, plenty of moons and ratting space, and immediate access to null and low security space. As a member of either of our corporations you’ll get the lowest cost production in our region via our corp owned engineering facility.

Contact Geddy HekScorn or Snafu Morgain in game or say hello in our Discord.

We still looking for more friends to fly with. Here is some recent activity, we do fun stuff un-encumbered by the blue donut.

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