Knight Nova is seeking pilots to enlist! (New players welcomed!)

Explosions and isk faucets alike. We are an all around corp seeking millitary oriented pilots during our times of war.
New or old? Never PVPed before? Never mined before? Never Not a problem. We provide everything you need, no ISK out of pocket!

Sign up today and recieve:

  • Combat/pve/mining ships of your abilities
  • Skill books, plans, and injectors
  • ISK and Loot rewards for completing in-corp objectives.
  • A diverse community looking for a mixture of casual fun and seriousness with EVE activity.
  • Voice comms
  • Experienced mentors willing to share the wealth and knowledge to conquer the game.

As part of our current war situation and immediate need for enlistment. All signups will currently get:

  • Post-fight rewards: wins will give skill injector, Plex, and isk rewards.
  • Ships and skills to get you fighting our foe with us
    Sign up for Knight Nova today! EVEmail dubstepcat for more info!

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