Konigreich Preuben is recruiting.
We are looking for PvP pilots, PvE pilots and miners.

We have one primary doctrines that “ALL” members are required to own, but we will assist you in obtaining these ships and provide the correct training and support.

What we offer:

  • Low Sec PvP
  • Regular OPs
  • Wardecs
  • Structure bashing with equal sharing of loot/ISK
  • PVE mission running fleets
  • Low sec/Null sec roams

What we require:

  • Voice comms - we use Discord
  • Regular activity, (real life comes first however.)
  • Team Player
  • ESI
  • Participate in OPs
  • We are a AUS/NZ Timezone corporation and alliance, however we have a small EU player base.

Please contact Lord Czar or Edon Cursed for more info or join .KOP. PUBLIC.

Still recruiting.

Still looking for new players!

Come join us today!

Still recruiting.

Don’t delay, join up today!

Still recruiting.

Still looking for new recruits!

love your alliance dudes o7 but is is ESI’s now not API’s just so you can keep your ad current.

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Thanks mate o7

Still recruiting.

Recruitment is still open.

Don’t miss out, come join us today!

Still looking for new members.

Recruitment is still open.

Still recruiting.

Plenty of things to shoot and stuff to do, join us today!

Still looking for miners, PvPers and PvE players.

Still recruiting.

Recruitment is open again.