[AU/NZ/EU] Konigreich Preuben [AU/NZ/EU] PvP, PvE, Industry [HI SEC, LOW SEC]

Konigreich Preuben is a member of Militaires-Sans-Frontieres.

Alliance KB [https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99009980/]
Corporation KB [https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98396029/]

Konigreich Preuben is an active [AU/NZ/EU] corporation specializing in war decs, small to medium gangs and a lot of active content in the area we live in. We currently live in high sec Domain, close to Amarr. You don’t have to be interested in PvP to join our group, we have a industry alliance for those who wish to mine or do PvE. New pilots and bitter vets welcome.

What we offer:

  1. Fun fights as we often fight outnumbered. Win or lose, we’ll take on almost any fight if we can!
  2. Low Sec and High Sec assets for generating ISK.
  3. Separate industry alliance if you want to be war dec free to make ISK.
  4. Currently small to medium-sized gangs, every pilot is important in every fight!
  5. Full SRP program for our doctrines.
  6. Assistance to alpha/new pilots who are new to the game and want to learn PvP.

What we require:

  1. People who are active in AU/NZ Time zone or EU Time zone. Pilots outside these time zones will still be considered.
  2. Talking over people in comms, being disruptive or abusive will not be tolerated.
  3. Willing to learn and listen to directions when required.
  4. Somewhat self-sufficient in making ISK where possible, all though we offer help to newbros and run OPs for ISK as a grou.
  5. Teamwork is key, we ask that you get involved with the group.
  6. You must register with our AUTH and join our alliance Discord.
  7. If you only wish to join the industry group, you must have a PvP toon ready or training in our main alliance.
  8. Beer

Please contact Lord Czar for more information or join us in our public chat room “.KOP. PUBLIC”. Our Discord: [Kingdom of Prussia]

Recruitment is still open. Join us today!

Recruitment is still open. Join us today!

Still looking for new members.

Still looking for new members.

Come have a chat with us today!

Still recruiting.