The Scourge of Domain - Join MSF Today [AUS/US/EU] [Looking for pilots and Corporations]

Militaires-Sans-Frontieres. is an Australian and New Zealand group based in Amarr space, in the Domain area. We do accept other time zones and have a strong US and EU presence. We focus on PvP and have no restrictions to what we do. We operate as Mercenaries, terrorists and raiders.

MSF welcomes new pilots and bitter vets alike with plenty of opportunities to expand your horizons. We have regular fleets and a laid back theme to our alliance. Plenty of beers for everyone.

We are also looking for small to medium sized corporations to help build our alliance.

What do we offer?

Active PvP (Solo and small to medium sized fleets.) (Militaires-Sans-Frontieres. | Alliance | zKillboard).
PvE activities for ISK.
Industry alliance to park your industry alts.
More clone bays then beers.
No big blue donuts - we often fight out numbered.

What are we looking for?

Mature, active players who have a team attitude.
Must have a mic - we use Discord.
Willing to do a ESI background check and use our AUTH signup process.
Willing to participate in OPs when available - Real life comes first though!

Please join “.KOP. PUBLIC” for any recruitment enquiries or join our [Discord]( Thank you for showing interest in our group.

Konigreich Preuben is an active [AU/NZ/US] corporation specializing in war decs, small to medium gangs and a lot of active content in the area we live in ( low sec and null.). We currently live in high sec Domain, close to Amarr. You don’t have to be interested in PvP to join our group, we have a industry alliance for those who wish to mine or RAT.

What we offer:

  1. We have few blues, so you’re not restricted to large blue donuts.

  2. Experienced FCs as we often fight outnumbered. Win or lose, we’ll take on almost any fight if we can!

  3. Wormhole space and null sec opportunities for ISK making.

  4. Separate industry alliance if you want to be war dec free to make ISK.

  5. Currently small to medium-sized gangs, every pilot is important in every fight!

  6. Full SRP program for our doctrines.

  7. Assistance to alpha/new pilots who are new to the game and want to learn PvP.

  8. Good logistics program and backed up by an industry group

What we require:

  1. People who are active in AU/NZ Time zone or US Time zone. Pilots outside these time zones will still be considered.

  2. Talking over people in comms, being disruptive or abusive will not be tolerated.

  3. Willing to learn and listen to directions when required.

  4. Somewhat self-sufficient in making ISK where possible, all though we offer help to newbros.

  5. Background Check and an interview on Discord will be required.

Please contact Lord Czar for more information or join us in our public chat room “.KOP. PUBLIC”. Our Discord:

Still looking for like minded pilots and corporations!

We need more people to cause trouble. Join us today!

Plenty of things to shoot. Come join in the fun!

Still looking for more pilots!

Still recruiting corporations and pilots!

Still looking for pilots and corporations!

We are still looking for corporations and pilots. Apply today!

Come join us today!

We need more people to cause trouble. Join us today!

Still looking for more pilots!

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