KORNS Seeking New PVP Players Who Also Like Trade Meta

The Liberal Universalists seek to increase the amount of market activity and PVP down the isolationist tyrants of failed North Korean economic fallacies. We want a play style of Pew Pew & Trade. If you have done some market work but want to be in a corp dedicated to trade and eagerly shooting people in order to expand trade, this is the corporation for you.

  • Faction Warfare - Tons of PVP growth in small ships, re-shipping 20 times in one play session
  • Nullsec access - The coalition lives in null too
  • Strategic support for passive income via PI and Invention
  • Learn to make markets like a pro

Ticker: KORNS
Public Channel: KORNS Public
Discord: https://discord.gg/ZCBSMyv

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