Kronos Buff

Give Kronos a 125 drone bandwidth so that it can use 5 heavy drones. This makes sense because comes from gallente and gallente is drone/hybrid turret focused.

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I kinda like it. Kronos is already by far the weakest marauder. Vargurs and Golems completely outclass it in solo pvp, and the Paladin outclasses it for Fleets. In addition, all three trump the Kronos at PvE. Instead of giving it more bandwidth (five flights of lights or three light and a mediul is just fine), I would buff its falloff bonus to 12.5% per level and its tracking bonus to 10% per level, while also giving it some more armor HP at the expense of some shield, say 6500 shield, 9000 armor, and 9500 hull.

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