Kronos in 42 days or any other Marauder in 88

(Quor Dresden) #21

Would like to see how you are fitting your blaster Kronos for ALL missions. In close a lot of the smaller targets will definitely be orbiting you. Do you have to rely on drones for those? Some rats love to target drones, that could get annoying.

(Quor Dresden) #22

Well maybe not strait at you, but at distance rails have no problem hitting frigs. The closer they get the more they begin to orbit and hitting them with large guns becomes lucky at best.

(CelaQulundeO) #23

The only thing the Paladin does well are null sec 10/10s or wormholes from afar with Tach beams, other than that Golem and Varguar are FAR superior in most other regards.

Especially “P"v"P”

If your strictly like talking Level 4’s, full DPS Rattlesnake does it better for cheaper.

(Buoytender Bob) #24

No question you need to remove those pesky elite frigates asap when entering any room, but bastioning up and making them primary using 2 tracking enhancing modules usually result in them dying in one or 2 shots at range. I can only think of one mission (The assault, room 2) off the top of my head, where 4 elite frigates start at ranges from 15-30km away. Usually I can get between 2-3 of them before they start orbiting at sub 9km range, sometimes all 4 die. Anything that survives gets hit with a wing of Hornet 2s and dies within 10 seconds of taking damage. I then immediately recall them and release the salvage drones, which are routinely ignored by anything left. By the time I have finished off any remaining enemy and reloaded, the MTU,the ship’s tractor beam, combined with the salvage drones and my ship’s salvage module has nearly finished full clearing. Quick check of local,glance at other channels, and on to the next room. Not to say a rail Kronos won’t work, but I save a lot of tractor beam transit time by only having to haul in wrecks from sub 45km range.
Fully utalilyzing all my modules keeps me fully active and in the game; no mindless VNI ratting type of gameplay. How you want to play EVE will doubtlessly influence your ship’s loadout.

(Quor Dresden) #25

Cool thanks for the info. I do like full clears most of the time and waiting for tractor beams becomes common with high dps. Kronos does have a decent cargo bay so I began carrying a mobile depot for changing out mods if needed. Might carry some blasters and give it a shot. Only down side is I don’t have a big tank cause of my range style. That’s why I wanted to see how you were fitting for close combat.

(Buoytender Bob) #26

As you can imagine, I am reluctant to post exact fits in the forums. For tank, I use 2 mission specific hardners (T2 or better) , a high end EANM, and high end LAR. Cap is stable if not tractoring or salvaging, 15+ minutes doing everything.

(Quor Dresden) #27

That’s cool, just the high lights work for me. I was thinking something similar, up my resist of course and maybe bling or add a boost to my armor repairer. Cap stable or close as well. Awesome thanks!

(Quor Dresden) #28

Tried out a blaster fit, definitely fun and easy with the knonos. My blaster skills are not even very good 1 skill level in blaster specialization. I’m fixing that. :grin:

I did have some issues with frigs. So I just let them orbit me till everything else was destroyed. Then MJD for some space then picked off the frigs.

(CelaQulundeO) #29

posting for teh lelzs. “mostly” for 10/10s 99% of time. change fit to all resist tank 1 rep, 1 heatsink then after dps is more manageable use mobile depot to refit more heatsinks.

stoped doing 10/10s cause lewt drop never justified such a shiney ship.

(Alexander Minto Hughes) #30

I presently use a kronos… and will be skilling up for a paladin very soon. just need the t2 large lasers and amarr bs v.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #31

Like that fit a lot, I ran something pretty similar but less blingy for missions. Main differnece was I fit a damage + cap rig instead of the rep rigs.