KVN-36 Node Death - 2020/08/21

You never stop to amaze me with your contradictions.
I’ve mentioned the fact where you "warned"the developers in another post with the part were you mention unsubbing of players so i’m not going to do that again.

You even managed to attack others stating that they need to use google translate better.

What stops you from quitting the game?
You’re clearly dissatisfied with how the game evolved over the years or you wouldn’t be stating that.

Another fact that you seem to be missing is that EvE is the product of CCP, they are not obligated to create a game that you like.
If they have a vision on how they want to develop the game they are free to implement that just as you have the choice to continue playing or stop.

So now there are two things you can do either accept how the game works with its flaws and hope at some point it will be as you wanted it to be or quit.