KVN-36 Node Death - 2020/08/21

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


you need to use google translate properly too.
"unsubbing a few accounts "
you wont be getting rid of me.

congrats on turning this into reddit btw. bye.

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This is were you missed my point, I stated that you are allowed to expect things for a payed subscription the only thing I found childish in your post was that you “warned” the developers with unsubbing players which you stated weren’t one of but clearly you are since you stated that here:

And this is exactly the reason why i find it so funny.
You can’t help but contradict yourself eventually since you state that others will unsub while in fact you are talking about yourself.

I’ve not stated “others will unsub” anywhere - I’ve warned that if this continues, they are stepping
on the toes of their core players and they might unsub ye - especially noting what they have said about never ever fixing any outcome that has to do with server issues that is quoted on reddit:

“CCP decided after considerable deliberation not to intervene or alter the outcome of any large scale player engagements, such as the one you were part of, regardless of server status or issues that may have occurred.”

So lets say they dont reset this KS armor timer, dont expand the timer to 30 mins, cant find the flaw for the next KS fight and this whole scenario repeats itself?
Okay then - whats going to happen the third time do you think?

So The hypothetical case was always in question - it’s still no “threat”
it’s a working logic in business in case you missed it:

if you are no longer selling what the customer is asking for - how do you expect the customer to come paying and literally giving away their money for something they are not in demand of??

in what other area of life do you continue to pay for a product or service that doesnt deliver
what you expect and look for?

So It’s clearly not a “threat” - it is the basic fundamental internal logic of human behaviour in the marketplace, any marketplace, but whatever - you’ve displayed that you’re incapable of seeing the difference so I dont see the point in trying to render it any clearer for you.

The really funny / weird thing here is that you think that among the thousands of people involved in the fight and in a thread actually concerning the issue - I’ll be the only one having “issues” with the KS not being reffed and the only one with the same attitude.

Again I clearly stated that I have no wish for this outcome - but I am also as painfully aware as anyone else - that in the world we live in we actually DO “vote” with our money, and in the final analysis it is the ONLY way one can generate real actual response if there is a fertile enough ground for responsiveness at all. Some (all too many) companies and even potentially good companies truly “choose” to go bust instead of recitfying problems or listening to their core customer base - so ye - it would be in an attempt to get the attention of the company, but as I try to state here: its the FINAL and LAST resort I want to go to - but there are conditions under which gameplay would be too frustrating for me, and there must be for everyone - even you. They’re not the same conditions but they are there.

Sure I’ve listed (indicated rather) some of mine - but there’s none of the “contradictions” you speak of.
So I’m sorry to have to note this but you seem to be suffering from the childishness you accuse others of in a pure attempt to ridicule instead of trying to conduct a rational adult debate in any way shape or form - you probably enjoy the reddit format and style I assume - fine. I dont.

So yeah: 1 - my first post I said that ccp should be careful - I need them to realise that this potentially was is and might become serious enough to make people respond - second time I cleared that up for you, now 3rd time I show you that yes I will be willing to respond like that under specific set of circumstances.
You labeling or thinking that “childish” or not is completely indifferent to me or the topic.

But now you really have bored me almost to tears with your inability to conduct a conversation without the inane reddit approach and sickening style, so ye - keep laughing and all the rest.
I think were through.


People are royaly furios with you

You never stop to amaze me with your contradictions.
I’ve mentioned the fact where you "warned"the developers in another post with the part were you mention unsubbing of players so i’m not going to do that again.

You even managed to attack others stating that they need to use google translate better.

What stops you from quitting the game?
You’re clearly dissatisfied with how the game evolved over the years or you wouldn’t be stating that.

Another fact that you seem to be missing is that EvE is the product of CCP, they are not obligated to create a game that you like.
If they have a vision on how they want to develop the game they are free to implement that just as you have the choice to continue playing or stop.

So now there are two things you can do either accept how the game works with its flaws and hope at some point it will be as you wanted it to be or quit.

Indeed. What happened to CCP reinforcing servers before big fights? Was this a one off or is it the new normal?

You’re just becoming completely dishonest at this point.
He clearly was both attacking me and just using the forum for negative personal “feedback” (attacks).
My retort hurt noone and was clearly a comical/humor jab in this case
continue to pretend it wasn’t makes you more than dishonest - people can choose their own adjectives at this point.

Again, you’re the one forcing me to assess YOUR age at this poinit - physically and / or mentally - since you’re obviously incapable of discussing the topic but continue to “attack” my person - i.e.: trying to make this about me as a person instead of discussing the topic.

Well, good luck with that too. I know how to interpret that correctly.
So do most other adults.

Why you assume you can start some inane crap about quitting the game etc I have no clue, I’ve never even “alluded” to that - nor do I understand why you think you can assume that I think ccp is obligated to do anything - in fact I’m unable to comprehend the “internal” or otherwise logic behind or in ANY of your “points” in that post - they bear ZERO relation on anything I’ve said or written, but hey - I’ll bet youre able to find others who’ll be willing to pretend with you that they do.

So yeah, good luck with all of that.
But I think we can stop there (here) now.

I’m not the one threathening with unsubbing that is you.
you also started the weird rant about:

and came to the conclusion you must not like the game in its current state.

Besides that you mentioned you were done with the discussion multiple times yet you come back and then state that you never said such things. at this point i’m actually feeling sorry for you since you really seem to live in some weird snowflake bubble were you can magically make the things you stated dissapear if you act like you never did.

So on this I’m now done with you and i wish you nice life wether you’re playing EvE or not :slight_smile:

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You actually dont (or wont/can’t?) read (properly) what other people are writing , do you?
Sorry to see that. Perhaps professional help or training or something will help.

But I’m sorry - we really stopped inventing other peoples arguments after high-school.

including obtuse overt or “covert” extrapolations.

so ye I’ll leave you to it as well.
Was trying to for several posts there to get you in on it - finally did. Nice.

And yeah, thanks. Good luck to you too. Have a fine day.


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the solution is , 24 hrs or 48hrs after the timer started, the Keepstar is put into the same position as when the server crashed. Fair chance for everyone to resume the fight


HTFU? I did. And will continue to do so.

Now HTFN (Node)

Are you going to threaten car manufacturers that people will stop buying cars because they don’t fly or even work over the water? That’s about the same level of demand as what you are demanding of CCP.

There are real technological and compute limitations in EVE that nobody can do anything about. There will always be limits and it is up to the players to work inside those limits. Imperium had to do it when we attacked PANFAM keepstars and now the tables are turned and you will have to do it.

I realise that it is not as nice as the usual idea of elitepvper where 50 bombers drop a single ship and claim superior skills afterwards but that’s your problem and not CCPs problems. Server capabilities are just another thing to keep in mind when planning and executing attacks. If stupid goonies can do it then it should be possible for the bestest of the bestest elite pvpers…

Hahahaha. When we were attacking PANFAM keepstars and had the exact same issue then it was “working as intended, adapt you stupid goonies”.
Are you implying that PANFAM and pets are too stupid to adapt to something that even we managed to adapt to and work with or is it the usual self entitled “devs should give me free kills with no effort on my part because I’m the most important snowflake in the universe”?

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u just need to suck up and accept what happened already salty boiii

Gotta love, how players still dump 2500+ people into single system with AoE effects fitted that cause several billions of updates each server tick, yet somehow expect the node will ignore the laws of thermodynamics and not crash.
Even NASA or military tech would not be able to handle that stuff, get real…

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Not from me, I want this fixed for all sides. This goes beyond some silly corp/alliance allegiance. The quality of the product is poor when it comes to end game sov null battles - which happens to where an area where Eve has garnered so much press… Not a good look.

Think of the big picture ma dude!

It can not be fixed. We can load the servers more than they can handle and there is no solution other than players actually considering TiDi and the load in their plans.

Your tears are wow! funny how you complain about goons now but can you show us were are your complains when this happend to goons and when all the north put alot of tactis for crash the nods when goons was at war in the north?

So yeah stop been so pathetic…