Node Death (Market and Contracts) - 2020/11/26

We’re investigating a node death which has resulted in markets and contracts becoming inoperable in game.

The issue is being worked on and we let you know here and on the EVE Status twitter account as more information becomes available.

Update 12:04: ESI is being disabled while we troubleshoot this issue.

Update 12:25: Tranquility Server is being shut down with a 30 minute timer as we roll back changes made to the server during today’s downtime. While not the cause, this rollback will revert the Griffin Navy fix and the Black Market Tax Haven updates from today’s patch notes until this issue is resolved.

Update 12:55: Tranquility is offline for rollback. This process may take 15 minutes before Tranquility is accessible again.

Update 13:06: Tranquility is now accepting connections.


:rofl: And just yesterday @CCP_Tuxford was so proud of their efforts to outsource more and more aspects of the TQ cluster into external services on the EVE Domain services. Good start, good start. :slight_smile:

You should leave it rolled back anyway. That change is total rubbish.


Rolling back…!

Dammit not the chat servers.
Got all excited just then.
Oh well, maybe next time.

Rip to all the Gilas inside Abyssals lmao

Do your stuff dudes, see you later


Bon ben je suis sortie des abysses à temps !!! Sinon plus de GILA …

They have 20 minutes to get out…

pretty short notice ccp, especially while i just started L4 mission


wowsers dang was having so much funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

It’s an emergency shutdown, giving notice further in advance is impossible.


We gave it a 30 minute timer so people could get safe before things go offline - hopefully won’t be down too long as we revert (may take 15 minutes).

Trust me, we don’t want to have to shut it down any more than you guys :cold_sweat:


lvl 4 missions done maximum in 15 minutes, 30 minutes alert is just enough

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I got disconnected 2 minutes after the notice and wasn’t able to join since then, am i the only one?

Edit: my launcher says the launcher is being patched and that i have to try and login back after ccp puts it online, i’m a Steam user

i am currently online

I wanna see you do Angel Extravaganza or Blockade level 4 in 15 mins my friend


Totally possible…with 5 corp mates! :slight_smile:
Shame, i took a holiday off work and was looking forward to some gaming time…every minute counts!

There should be a little download icon beside the launcher version at bottom. Click that.

I have just purchased some items from the market, will this rollback my orders and purchases?

yeah but I will go back to having a bugged local again…

The first is not easy, but doable. The second, I have to question why you do that one? It’s so slow and the loot+payout isn’t worth the time.

ccp please test before u reload the servers id prefer if you tested it for 30 mins than this bs