[KXII] Karl XII's Dragoner is looking for more pilots

Welcome to Karl XII’s Dragoner
Do you want a change from high- or low sec? Do you feel you have stagnated in your current corp? Do you want to build your legend as a pilot in an old established nullsec corp where you can set your own goals?

Does the following expectations seem reasonable to you?

♚ You are willing to learn, and participate in PVP.
♚ You are an active player.
♚ You want to learn and grow as a pilot
♚ You need mic and to install Teamspeak 3 and Mumble.
♚ You are a new, old or returning player.
♚ You learn from you mistakes.
♚ You have a “can do” attitude.

Then look no further, come and join us on the battlefields of glory!

If this sounds interesting, look us up ingame, answer below or send me a message.

Since last update we have been prepairing for your arrival by having a bit of spring cleaning in our members list. And we have been active in strat-ops around Providence and a few jumps out in low sec for “reasons”. Not to much that been blown up, but that can change rapidly :slight_smile:

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