Kybernauts of Pochven is Recruiting!

The Kybernauts Clade of Pochven is recruiting!

Are you interested in New Eden’s freshest bit of content including

PvE - such as the rewardign Flashpoint fleets
PvP - Roaming gangs and larger defensive & offensive operations.
Mining - There are few areas of space that can even begin to compare to the Abyssal & Hadal ore’s we have here.
Industry - Triglavian Ships! Must I say any more? :slight_smile:

And, of course, we unite with our other Triangle friends amongst times of fun & need for the epic fights that occur → Eve Online「Montage」- Triglavian Defense Of Komo - YouTube

Come join us now & discover the most mysterious & deadliest side New Eden has to offer


Just a little bump, as we are always actively recruiting

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