[L0G0F] Recruiting Corps for Sov Null Sec, All Time Zones

The League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts is a multi-timezone alliance holding sovereignty in the Scalding Pass region. We are expanding throughout our new constellation and are looking to increase our corp membership to join in on building our little pocket of Null Sec.

Still recruiting corps. Lots of opportunities for all game styles.


Looking for some dank null sec? you have found it, hit us up today…

Corporation recruitment is still happening folks, lots of opportunities for corps looking to move to null sec, or relocate from one null region to another. Contact us in ‘L0G0F Lobby’ in game or mail me.

Bumping for new corps, contact me for info

Still room for more new corps, looking to make isk, mine valuable moons etc give us a yell

Still recruiting corps

Still recruiting, come join us in null

Still recruiting corps, if you are looking for a great null sec home chat to us today

Bumping for the weekend, lots of opportunities for corps to join and make use of…

Still recruiting corporations to come join us make good isk and get good fights.

Time for a move to a null sec region? hit us up in L0G0F Lobby today

Room to grow, thats our catch phrase, come chat to us and lets see if we are a good fit…

Suddenly found yourself looking for a new corp for your alliance? We are recruiting corps in all time zones so drop us a line.

Mid weekend bump for any corps looking for a new home

looking for a home after the breakdown of your alliance or coalition? we might be just what you are looking for.

Still recruiting

weekend bump for corporation recruitment

Why pay rent when you can be an owner