L4 mission ship?

Just started eve the other day, played in the past but did not make it far (maybe played a week or two) I got lost in the ui and could not figure out the traveling so I gave up. Just got back into the game & find it amazing this time around! I ended up sitting in the station for a few days getting to know where everything is in the user interface & have been traveling around just fine. I decided to go for l4 missions (currently 2.3 standing with sisters of eve) , just a little lost on what ship I should go for once I reach l4 missions. Would like to start the skill training as soon as possible so it’s not too long left when I hit the rank needed for l4. I currently run a gnosis with light missiles but don’t mind switching up skills if needed.

Thanks for any help!

Edit: I am omega & plan on keeping the omega once these 7 days run out, would like to try abyssals in the future to mix things up once I learn pve a little better & to break up the grind a bit. I am also caladari, not sure if that changes anything.

Hey there Zyrah

Depending on your skills I would suggest the Dominix for some long range sentry/heavy drone action, or the Praxis for some Cruise Missile fun.

I also suggest you look at the website Eve Workbench. You can use a filter there for L4 missions and see what other players have used and suggest.

Here is a Praxis fit that I’ve use with plenty of success. Split your missile launchers into two groups and turn the second group on when you are down to 6 missiles left in the rack, there by keeping constant dps pressure on your targets. I also use auto targeting missiles and heavy drones but You can play with the fit. The main thing is to be able to tank the mission.

Also here is a resource for the missions. This will tell you what the mission will throw at you.
[Mission reports - EVE University Wiki]Mission reports - EVE University Wiki

Cheers and happy flying

[Praxis, Simulated Praxis Fitting]
Capacitor Flux Coil II
Capacitor Flux Coil II
Ballistic Control System II
Damage Control II
Ballistic Control System II
Capacitor Flux Coil II
Capacitor Flux Coil II

Compact Multispectrum Shield Hardener
100MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Astro-Inertial Compact Missile Guidance Computer
X-Large Shield Booster II
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Missile Guidance Computer II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II

Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Auto Targeting System I

Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
Large Processor Overclocking Unit I
Large Processor Overclocking Unit I

Valkyrie II x8
Salvage Drone II x3
Vespa II x1
Berserker II x3

Missile Range Script x2
Missile Precision Script x2
Nova Fury Heavy Missile x2876
Inferno Fury Heavy Missile x2723

As a new character, the Praxis is an amazing ship.

You don’t need a 30 day train for battleship V in order to get the full amount of bonuses from the hull.

It also has a lot of flexibility for missiles and turret options, and can very easily be optimized for your character’s current skill point level.

Few general tips.

Welcome back to New Eden.

There’s a rule of thumb for a Level 4 mission ship: the sum of DPS+EHP about 1000.
In practice 800 is fine, lower is possible but can make some missions a bit of a slog/hassle.

For Calderi focused players, then I suspect that the Raven is a good ship to plan towards. Missiles allow for the selection of damage type to hit the weak spots of the opposing NPC ships (look at their info in space).

You are not tied to being Caldari - the cost of the difference between the initial racial skill profiles is a few hours, may be a day or so.
Worth using early stages trying different weaponry and racial ships to see what you like flying - enjoyment is better than brute force efficiency.

King of the Level 4 mission is the Marauder.
That’s a lot of training, but they are very, very effective.

Abyssals: a good idea. Nice change from hi-sec mission running. A reasonably fitted T1 cruiser will handle be the lower tiers - and the rewards through looting the cache and extractors is better than the lower level missions.

Mission running is relatively slow income - better if running for an agent in 0.5/0.6 space than in 1.0 space.
I make most of my income from manufacturing, but I enjoy that economic PvP.

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I am pretty sure you mean the sum of DPS+sustainableTank.

Well, yeah that number is round about right but you will still encounter missions that will be pretty hard and long with that “mixture”. Even when watching out for the triggers. The Assault, second pocket of Worlds Collide and some more. If you go in there with 700DPS+300Tank you need to be ready to warp out pretty quickly.

My usual approach is to build the ships non-capstable and with enough resilience that I can tank like 600 when running all mods (but draining my cap), 1000 burst-tank when overheating and 400 tank capstable when pulsing the reppers/booster. Everything else goes to Damage/Application.

Praxis is a very good start, to be honest that ship is extremels overpowered for it’s skill requirements and price (and should be nerfed or its availability reduced by a lot :slight_smile: ). No need to switch to any other T1 battleship if you can use a Praxis instead. Some FactionBS and especially the PirateFaction-Battleships perform better and the last step is of course the jump to Marauders, which are pretty much unrivaled in L4 mission performance.

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Yeah. My error. Oops.

Like @Syzygium I’d go for “sort of sustainable tank”. Not cap stable, but enough for multiple cycle, refill the buffer, sort of operation balanced off against the propulsion module and the weapons.
I’m Amarrian. It ain’t going to be stable. Energy turrets.

I’d be suggesting DPS at the 500-600 level, the rest being in active tank. It’s s balance between soaking up the incoming fire and making the source of it “go away”.

Never flown the Praxis - these are ships that appeared after I was already at a high Amarrian battleship level. Given everyone recommends it and looking at the stats, it’s a bit overpowered.

dumb question… anyone ever used a thunderchild for lvl 4 missions?
(yeah yeah super expensive like a marauder)

The problem is less so that tthe Praxis is overpowered, but the fact that every Amarr BS that isn’t a Paladin or Redeemer sucks for L4 missions. Their capacitor is awful, they are damage locked, and they have no utility highs. Except the Geddon hulls but those are literally gimped Dominixes in a PvE context.

Other than turning Downing the Slavers 2/2 into a fireworks show, the Thunderchild is pointless in L4s.

Since you have a missile bassed gnosis, I would suggest switching to a hml drake. Most of those skills for a drake would transfer to a Raven for lvl 4s. Other options would be a domi for drones or a malstrom.

If you go the missiles or drone route you can upgrade to a rattlesnake or rns.

By far, best starter ship for lvl 4 missions is gila. Lowest SP requirements than majority of T1 BS and it will outperform almost any low SP BS running missions.

Praxis should out perform the gila with low SP, just due to the inherent hull bonuses.

rapid heavies and some medium drones combined with a grapple and paint to handle the elite frigates should keep you golden for the large jump in firepower needed for effective lvl 4 mission running.

Gila is very possible, though I find that you need to have a follow-up lesson on why you need to have radial velocity added to the overview and the importance of keeping distance and transversal up otherwise you have an expensive lossmail. Mind you, those are important gameplay mechanics that the newer player will eventually need to learn, but the Praxis is a much safer (and still somewhat cheaper) option for them to learn with.

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I just fitted out a Geddon navy issue to run the Amarr L4 epic arc, where every mission bar one is vs EM weak opponents. I fitted 5 Mega beams onto it. But it can fit this if required

5 damage boosted cruise launchers
5 damage boosted sentry+heavy drone sets
2 large lasers, if you can make them fit

So the damage lock is not as bad as some other Amarr BS AND its a good chunk cheaper than other navy issue BS.

But would also agree with this comment, for general L4 use the Domi navy issue is my choice.