L4 Missions: 100m+ ISK/hour Solo

I’m with Chainsaw on this one. There are simply too many other variables to attempt to figure out what (if any) effect system traffic has on RNG Faction loot drops.

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I’m not sure how you would even test it. You’d probably have to find two agents in the same corp in the same sec status but a different system in a different constellation, and then grind out 100-1000 of the same mission. Then you’d be able to make a decent assessment.

As far as I know the loot is only effected by sec status. Sec status is an unchanging statistic whereas player population fluctuates wildly so I doubt it would be effected by the latter.


The 2 thukker tribe agents in/near teonusude used to be quite lucrative and yes they gave anti-amarr and anti-caldari mission sets

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pssh I’m lazy, that was the whole point of the cap stable fits. Sure I’ve killed a lot, but I’d have to guess there are people that have killed far more, I haven’t been running a lot of missions lately. Will run a few to test things every now and then but most of the time if I’m logged in I’m not running missions.

My real question is how many samples do we need to take to get a good approximation of the loot tables?

I have 4 sets of burner ships, I really don’t know that I’ve seen a difference in drops anywhere. Lets just say at least on of those places goes to very low traffic areas. But I also never collected data on my drops either.

You’re not the only one who’s inherently lazy…

Semi on-topic, I resurrected a pair of toons with low skills (7-8m ish) to assist in my endeavours and am now breaking 200m ISK/hour just running standard L4s. About the only thing slowing me down is looting wrecks as the MTU and tractor beams simply cannot keep up.

My “fleet” is now comprised of a Blaster Kronos with a wing of Gilas (almost entirely T2 fit). 2500 DPS total (half through the Marauder and the rest from the two cruisers). I’m shy about 400 DPS, so in about a month’s time once I finish training some core skills I should be up around the 3000 DPS mark.

It’s too bad you can’t run Alphas with an Omega on your main, but the flip side is that I can PLEX the other toons every month with SP extraction - so it won’t cost me anything beyond the $14.95 DLC pack for each to reactivate them.

IMO we need to have at least 20 drops of each item available. Per burner. Per system/constellation.

That’s why I was talking about two bots are better than one. I don’t thingk I dropped more than 5 shadow serpentis DC, or more than 3 cynabal bp on the whole systems I did.

for me the cynabal bpc dropped 9 times. the dram 6 times. but this tell us nothing.

A lot of ppl run alphas with omegas or multiple alphas through vpns,team security threats are just that threats.Also it’s a,treat for boters since a gila alpha skilltree even with t2 drones fits within 5mil sp

source ?

Just for the heck of it I timed a few missions tonight to see how much of a performance gain there is with a few ships. I was able to run the “Enemies” series in just over an hour (including salvage) and “Worlds” in just over a server tick (no salvage, but all 5 clusters of ships).

It takes a bit of trial and error to get a good system and rhythm down for getting to and from mission waypoints, assigning drones, prioritizing targets and managing objectives. I’m now over 2500 DPS but still have room for improvement with the Gilas (this is where those Hivaa modules will finally pay off).

My new favorite missions are the “Extravaganza” series because you get a lot of rooms with NPC spawns, so the initial setup pays dividends the more ships you have to grind through. Damsel is an absolute riot because you can close to point-blank range and get over 3500 combined DPS with overheated blasters. The tricky part is making sure you don’t forget to recall your drones before the Pleasure Palace goes pop.

I played off and on most of today and spent a lot of time fine-tuning the graphics setup so I could a) get a decent 50+ FPS frame rate and b) see if I could solve the persistent OSX instability issues (might have finally figured it out).

Could you give us a fitting for your ships Arthur? I’ve been dabbing around with some fits for support characters and was wondering what you cae up with

Sure thing (sorry this isn’t copy/paste for Pyfa, I’m on my iPad). This setup also works identical for the Paladin. You can run something similar for the Vargur, but I don’t recomend the Golem due to lead time with missiles (it will work, just not as well).

I have a range of 67/71km for blasters and 81km for drones (the Gilas also have a matching 81km drone range). This allows me to hit targets beyond 71km by way of drone assist. The sensor booster is to lock targets faster but you can opt for a third tracking computer that will extend your range to 71/75km for blasters.

Basically you fleet-warp to the mission, take the gate(s) where applicable and activate your RAH, tracking and sensor. Set the Gilas to AB orbit @2.5km around the Marauder, deploy drones and assist to the Marauder. I usually MWD the Marauder for a few cycles towards any objective or drop into Bastion, deploy light drones and start locking targets (battleships, destroyers, frigates - in that order).

I recommend only using Bastion when you need EW protection (Sansha, Guristas), extra tank at the outset of a mission or that slight range boost. I prefer the flexibility to move around as needed, and this also avoids any penalty with the 60-second combat timer (faster mission completion). With so much DPS you can effectively “tank” most missions simply by killing everything anyway.

I run blasters in pairs, so the first is against battleships (triggers drone assist) and the second is to alpha destroyers and frigates as needed. Then return to battleships and finish off any remaining cruisers. I send the light drones against any frigates or towers. As soon as you’ve established aggro on the Gilas activate the RLMLs (good to about 45km or so). These take care of any smaller targets.

Having all of your clients “synched” in terms of hotkeys and shorcuts is also crucial, as it allows you to quickly click between windows (and mostly) issue keyboard commands. Here’s what I use:

Q align, W approach, E jump, R orbit, H dscan
High: Z MWD/AB, A RAH, B bastion, D/F blaster pairs
Mid: X armor rep, S sensor, C/V tracking comps
Low: 1/2 tractors; Drones: T launch, G engage

You have to click for drone assist on the Gilas, but orbits can be preset to 2.5km with “t”. I group the missiles in slot “f”. I also set the number of auto back targets (General settings) on all three clients to 12 which works to auto-lock anything red-boxing you.

I recommend using drone assist as it allows you to focus your attention on a single screen for the most part. The Gilas often won’t get aggro’d which means you end up manually locking targets, assigning drones and sitching between clients (they will stop attacking unless the Gilas are aggro’d). Drone assist also allows you to concentrate full firepower against battleships (anywhere from 3000 to over 3500DPS, depending on the mission). One final tip: Ensure you add your Gila wings to a Watch List on your main client. This allows you to keep tabs on their healh in case you get distracted.

Apologies in-advance for the lengthy writeup.

Kronos Marauder
4x Neutron Blaster Cannon (Null/Void)
1x Bastion Module I
2x Small Tractor Beam II
1x Drone Link Augmentor II
1x Shadow Serpentis 500MN MWD
2x Tracking Computer II (optimal range)
1x Sensor Booster II (scan resolution)
3x Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
1x Tracking Enhancer II
1x Reactive Armor Hardener
1x Core X-Type Large Armor Repairer
1x Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
1x Large Hybrid Aerator II
1x Large Hybrid Metastasis I (tracking)
5x Hornet II, 5x Acolyte II, 5x Hobgobln II, 5x Vespa II

Gila Wingman (x2 maximum)
4x Rapid Light Missile Launcher II (Scourge/Inferno auto target)
1x Drone Link Augmentor II
1x 10MN Afterburner II or 1x 50MN Y-T8 Compact MWD
1x EM Ward Amplifier I or II
1x Gistum C-Type Thermal Amplifier
1x Gistum C-Type Kinetic Amplifier
1x Large Shield Extender II
1x Drone Nav Computer II
2x Drone Damage Amplifier II
1x C3-A ‘Hivaa Saitsuo’ Ballistic Control System
3x Medium Core Defense Field Extender II
2x Hammerhead II, 2x Vespa II, 2x Infiltrator II

Addendum: I’ve since changed these to field extenders from purgers and dropped the shield power relay for more damage with the Hivaa. This gives me over 40k EHP with a slower recharge.


What would your thoughts be on flying the gila with auto-targeting missiles? You lose some damage, of course, but also reduce the need to micro them. They can release drones, assist them, set orbit and fire missiles at whatever comes close.

Auto-targeting missiles are totally the way to go. There are two trains of thoughts with respect to using them in combination with drones:

  • Heavies: less damage application, but with more range and toggling the launchers on/off (once you have aggro) you can direct inactive drones.
  • Lights: more damage application but less overall DPS, and with a 35-second reload and shorter range they’re not as effective at directing inactive drones.

Even though it’s a bit more management I prefer assigning drones to the primary ship. Especially when you utilize a short-range weapon with high rate-of-fire (blasters, pulse lasers, autocannons) you’re always redirecting assigned drones before they have a chance to return and idle simply by firing.

This is also why I arrange my weapons in groups so that I can effectively double the rate of fire by staggering them. Also note that the range of drone assist is limited by the lending ship’s drone range (and not targeting range). So if you’re running something like rails for really long-range engagements I’d drop one of the launchers for a second T2 drone link augmentor.


I’d go with support rattlesnakes or domis

2 sentry domis will give 1000+ dps that instantly applies at crazy ranges. With that much dps you can glass tank them, and just apply remote reps if you really want. Honestly you shouldn’t even get a chance to use them as everything melts so fast, heck maybe just go shield buffer with an ancillary remote rep or something to keep it capless. Plus if there are any small ships alive at the end you can send some very angry hornets after them.

if you want to spend a bit more can do similar with double rattlesnakes, and then load up some auto-targeting missiles. Rattlers give you a ton of mid slots, a few invluns with a deadspace small/medium shield booster will keep you topped off and can pretty much ignore cap.

gilas are nice and all, but medium drones are kinda slow. how often are you even applying full damage? I’d guess the kronos is killing things before the drones even get there.


There is method to my madness with Gilas. First, I’m getting a lot more DPS from the pair of mediums and auto-targeting light missiles. I haven’t maxed out my drone or cruiser skills on the support characters, so I’m only getting around 625 DPS (I should be able to get this to 800 easily). That’s quite a bit more than I’d get with a pair of Domis. Addendum: I’m now up to 645 DPS per Gila.

Second, the Gilas move, align, warp (etc.) faster which allows me to send them on ahead where need be. The medium drones can hit anything at any range (including spider drones), so there’s no minimum safe distance from them. The medium drones travel at close to 5km/sec so it really doesn’t take them very long to get to where I need them most engagement ranges are under 60km). The rapid lights massacre anything smaller than cruisers and are a good ‘click and forget’ weapon.

In answer to your question, I’m applying full damage almost anytime I’m engaging battleships - which is the first thing I focus on in any mission. While the drones are focusing on a battleship I can easily alpha most frigates and destroyers off the field (drones are overkill against those anyway). The drone nav computer helps boost drone speed by 30% so they’re travelling almost as fast as scout drones normally do.

I’m training these characters up to run the new Abyssal pockets which is why I’m focusing on cruiser-specific aspects and leaving battleship and above to my main. There’s nothing wrong with running Domis or Rattlesnakes as support ships (you can get insane damage from RHML/Gecko Rattlesnakes).


I recently moved my Golem into Gallente space with the aim of getting my Gallente standings out of the negative. I’ve found Gallente space more profitable than Caldari space, but I can’t be sure of that. I’m making about 70m per hour but that’s excluding loyalty points. I’m not the most efficient mission runner but I enjoy planting my Golem, aggressing the entire room and trying to time salvaging the entire room as the last NPC dies. I stupidly got podded a while back with a full set of implants whilst doing naughty things in Jita. So up until today, I’ve been missioning without implant bonuses.

Another recent piece of stupidity, I handed a mission in and then realised I’d left my MTU behind. Spent the next two hours buying scanning equipment and learning how to scan. Went back to the system, did a scan and found something called a ‘deployable’. Sure enough, it was my MTU. Glad it was still there after two hours. The beauty of my mistake is that I now see some fun opportunities through scanning. I love this game.


You’ve got 3 damage modules, 1 damage rig, 3 tracking modules and 1 tracking rig. While it pushes the DPS to the max, should you consider dropping the Large Hybrid Metastasis I and to replace it with a Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II. It gives you 25% more warp speed and lets you get in and out of missions faster. You will be able to push the ISK/hour ratio further even when you lose a tiny bit of tracking.

I don’t think it is on any impact on the total mission time on the marauders.