L5 Ship? (Solo)

I’ve seen different things for different people. Some use a cap, some use a T3C, and others use HICs.

I need a definite answer: what ship class is best for running L5s solo? (If you could provide fits, that’d be great to)


If you mean lowsec level 5 security missions, they are not supposed to be run solo. I think a carrier with a rep on can do it.

I’d suggest going on sisi and testing things. AFAIK most lv5 runners just use carriers to blitz, but I’d guess there are some where smaller ships work too. Passive rattlers, ishtars, tengus, or nighthawks can also work for some where you have neut towers but I don’t know if it is time efficient.

Some level 5 missions don’t allow a carrier (drone missions).

They are best rejected, but if you do them - they neut and have high dps, so passive tank, no cap weapons = Rattlesnake works well, but you may need to warp out a couple of times. If you can bring Basilisk support, that is a huge advantage to the speed to complete them.

For all other level 5s, passive or active tanked carrier is great.

You used to be able to do them (albeit sloooowly) with full passive shield Ishtar or nighthawk. With drone aggro I don’t know how Ishtar is now. Having said this it is some seven years ago since I did them with those fits. The Neut towers were the biggest problem, stasis also, but not so much (they die pretty quickly).

This was before mjd’s and grid changes tho, so you may be able to do some funky snipe BS/CS fits that outrange the neut towers.

As other people say, go test on SiSi.

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I did almost all lvl5 solo except the carrier kill ones using a Golem I had a special fit to deal with the neuting and large rat spawns/npc fighters etc.I wont disclose my fit as it was a great deal of fun learnign something in the game that almost noone can teach you about and almost noone does.To make myself clear I was using 1 account 1 character so pure soloing I had multiple poses across my constelation and a golem in each to avoid geting atacked on gates so initial investment to get into lvl5s can be bit hefty also had 2 high standing alts to pull missions

i used to run lv5s in a passive rattlesnake, or a carrier.

Depending on the mission.

The short answer: you need a t3 (or Marauder), a carrier, and a dread to really be able to do them all efficiently. You use different ships for different missions.

The long answer: I’ve seen people use MJD battleships to do many of them. I use a Cyclone for two of the missions the Drake is good as well. Most people only do the single pocket missions, many of these are warp in, blow up a structure, warp out. It’s simply safer and more efficient. For multi-pocket missions the passive ishtar, or any strong passive ship with good damage and range is fine, however it’s probably safer and wiser to avoid these missions altogether and stick to the short single pocket ones. Most people use multiple mission pullers and only do the best/safest/quickest missions. Personally I like to keep a battlecruiser in each of the 7 hubs I use and jump around in a carrier/dread when needed.

So to go back to your original question, there is no definitive fit, with level 5s you have to take them on a case by case basis. If you want to be able to do most of them in a single ship, albeit inefficiently, use a marauder.

Ps: I’m working on a guide for level 5s. Feel free to message me in game with any questions.

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