Level 5 Missions: 3-man Group


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Me and a couple of friends are thinking of running L5s as a group just to try them, but we’re wondering about what fleet comp we should fly. We’re thinking of going all Tengu, but would 2 Tengus and Logi be better? We also have a carrier that’s collecting dust: is that worth dusting off?

Cheers for the help o7

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3 players running level 5’s = 15

3 Tengus should = 1 Thritygu

30 + 15 = 45

Today is Feb 2nd or 2/2 (even for you bastards who rely on the theory called the Metric system… colour?.. really?)

2 + 2 = 4

4 is the first half of 45.

Therefore to successfully complete level 5’s in a team of three you need to each fly a Fourty-Fivegu.

It’s axiomatic really…

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Level 5 missions were supposed to be a group activity to begin with. Back in the day, the dev blog stated that a group of 5 people would be necessary.

So yeah, I think 3x tengu will be fine.

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Lol that’s some maths right there.

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The only thing that I always saw most dangerous when running them were the fighter waves they can dish out quite a bit of damage also remember alot of the neuttowers are type 3 so they have tons of hp.

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I used to do solo l5s back then when the agents were giving out the missions in highsec (it was some bug IIRC, and was fixed a long time ago). I only took the anti-pirate and anti-drone missions and completely ignored all vs minmatar and gallente (my standing was bad enough with them anyway). my personal favourite mission was gurista honor. I did all of those missions in a full passive drake solo first, and it was possible to tank them (the only one which was impossible to solo in a drake was part 3 of the rogue drone series of 3 missions). Of course it took AGES because my DPS sucked. Later I changed to a Nighthawk and a passive Tengu, which was a massive improvement, and even more so the passive Rattlesnake I used in the end. But nowadays I would prefer a pack of Tengus for the extra mobility (missions will be in low sec, so be prepared to get visitors).

You should make yourself familiar with the resistance profiles you need and go in with a maximum tank first approach, with more experience you will see where you can swap tank for damage to get the mission done faster. The Tengu has a good native thermal resistance, and deals best kinetic damage, so missions vs Gurista or Serpentis should be best (AFAIK there is only 1 anti-Gurista mission in the l5 mission pool though). When fighting Angels also use Scourge missiles. Good luck :slight_smile:

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