Lack of anomalies in Null-Sec

A friend and I have taken some sov in null to do some testing against anomalies, both ratting and mining. as far as he is aware, everything has been done so that the anomalies should show up. Modules installed, indexes met etc. after a day tho, there were no anoms. We did the max indexes command and after the reset today there are still no anomalies. I was wondering if anyone else has sov and can do us a sanity check on if you get anomalies.


Please send a bug report (F12 - Report Bug), if you have not done yet. This looks indeed like it might be bugged.

Same for me. Bug report send.

Seeing the same issue on Sisi. Sent in a bug report as well. Good luck devs!

Looks like it’s working today. Great news. :slight_smile:

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